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Applying the Bible to our hearts is not always easy. Hopefully these questions help you think more in depth about your heart and life.

Creation actually sealed our culpability from the beginning. Because God has created the world, we are without excuse for knowing Him. Thus Genesis 1 marks the moment all mankind became accountable to God.

The creation of light is a picture of conversion. There are so many ways in when Genesis 1-3 shows up in the Bible. Here is one!

We all know what physical weakness means. We can lose or gain spiritual strength as well. Where do we get strength from spiritually?

Does meditation lead to blessedness?

I’m a guy who needs about two and half good, serious friendships, and my wife takes up two of those spots. My remaining spot for a half friend may not live close. We may talk once every 6 months. I’m okay with that.

At one point Martin Luther said of himself, “Satan has raged against me with incredible contriving to destroy or hinder me, so that I have often wondered whether I was the only man in the whole world whom he was seeking".

What is the connection that drew you to your church? Was it that there were other moms with kids? Other empty nesters? Other people of the same race? Maybe someone else there is from the same hometown and that connection made you feel at home. In Peter's denials we see that commonality doesn't produce faithful community.

Form the lighthearted to the gospel-empowered, here are some things Milwood is thankful for.