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Back Row Baptists?

On sitting toward the front of the sanctuary: I have a word of exhortation today that I thought at first would be easy and simple, but I quickly found it more difficult. Therefore, I will state very plainly at the outset what it is that I want you to consider doing, and then offer my reasons. In other words, reversing the usual order, we'll begin with the application, and...

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Psalm 1 and Meditation: The High Point of Daily Devotions

Does meditation lead to blessedness? ...

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Every Mention of The Holy Spirit in Acts

All 52 mentions of the Holy Spirit in Acts. ...

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Meditations on The Creation of Woman: She Owes Her Existence to God Alone


This blog includes a few mediations by Herman Bavinck on the creation of woman. Herman Bavinck (1854-1921) was professor of Theology at Free University in Amsterdam. His book "Wonderful Works of God" is a succinct, easy to read condensed version of his systematic theology. It reads devotionally and is a wonderful guide for meditation on God. ...

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Songs for Saints in Streams of Trouble

Songs for Saints in Streams of Trouble I used to think the lyrics went like this, streams of mercy never ceasing, call for loudest praise.But at some point I realized the line is, Streams of trouble never ceasing, call for loudest praise. Well, that is a different song! There is a lot of trouble in these days after the fall. The streams of trouble never cease. Many ...

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Why Come Back Sunday Night?


More adults under 65 died from alcohol-related factors (74,408) than from COVID-19 (74,075) in 2020. Alcohol-related deaths are up 25 percent from 2019 to 2020 (as opposed to a 3% increase the previous years of 1999-2019). Young adults ages 25 to 44 experienced the greatest increases in alcohol-related deaths in 2020, rising nearly 40 percent over the previous year, acco...

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When the Worship Team Doesn’t Show Up

When the Worship Team Doesn't Show Up Imagine the scene. The church has gathered on the planned day, at the planned location, and and at the planned time. But at the moment the service is set to begin, several members start to look around, their faces confused and concerned. Someone is missing. "Where is the worship team?" "Service has started a couple minutes late before...

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2021 Reads

Here is a glance at a handful of the books I read in 2021. If you find one that piques your interest, great. If you had read any of the works and want to grab lunch or share thoughts after church one Sunday, let me know. Here is anther reading list to consider:Top 10 Books of 2021, Kevin DeYoung *My commentary is not a full endorsement of any of the works. Neither do I i...

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In A Church’s Prayer Meeting

You'll find the short answers and the longer answers below. Just want a reminder or intro into prayer meeting? There is the 30 second version below. Want to really find help in motivation and direction as we gather for prayer? Keep reading. The Short Version What is prayer?Calling on God to come through on his promises.How is the prayer meeting organized? With the intent...

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Far Too Easily Pleased: Getting Our Hearts Crucified to the World

Their daily work is to get their hearts crucified to the world and the things of it, and the world to their hearts; that they may not have living affections to dying things. J. Owen...

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