We seek to build a firm, gospel-centered foundation for students in middle school and high school through the study and application of God’s Word. Our desire is not just to see students affirm faith in Christ, but to strengthen their faith and prepare them for what God has planned next for them in the years to come.



Upcoming Events!

NEW Building Block - Heaven, Hell, and Life After Death - Begins August 8th

Discover what God says about death, dying, and life after death. 

Many people are intrigued by what lies beyond death's door, but we live in an age bombarded with many conflicting views. How can we be sure of what is true?

In this eye-opening study you’ll examine the Bible’s answers about death and what comes next. As you confront the inevitability of death in the context of the promise of heaven and the reality of hell, you will be challenged to examine your heart—and in doing so, find that, in grabbing hold of the hope of eternal life, the sting of death is replaced with peace.


Contact Brian Wallace with any questions at (512) 921-5084.


Info about Milwood Student Ministry 

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THE GATHERING is our weekly Youth Ministry time of fun, fellowship and study. We take a lot of time to build relationships with one another, have fun with each other and apply God’s Word together through discussion and in-depth study. Our prayer as Pastors, Staff and Lay Leaders is to invest in the lives of each student who attends our ministry and point them to a joyful and glorifying relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Our weekly gathering takes place from 6:30-8:30 on Wednesday nights on the third floor. We meet every Wednesday night of the month and on the last Wednesday of each month we gather at a family’s home to have a meal tougher for celebration, conversation and sharing.

Youth Building Blocks 

Sundays - 9:30am-10:15am

Building Blocks meet Sunday mornings before the church worship service at 10:30am. We divide our Building Blocks study for students into quarters, having a different study for three months at a time all year long. Building Blocks is often led by a Pastor, but we also have parents and other members of our church teach as well.

As the culture around has diminished knowledge of Christ and Scripture, we aim to build a firm foundation within the heart of each student so that they can know truth from Scripture and recognize error as comes.  We do this by teaching books of the bible or by going through topical studies that have to do with life and questions surrounding each student living in the culture now.  



For more information about Youth Minstry at Milwood contact Nathan Loudin, Senior Pastor at nathan@milwoodbaptist.com