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Toddlers 12 - 18 months (2:6 Ratio)

Ms. Silvana Marra

Ms. Rebecca Mendoza

Two Year Olds (2:10 Ratio)

Ms. Bonny Bussey

Ms. Erica White

Older Two Year Olds (1:6 Ratio)

Ms. Janelle Journeay

Three Year Olds (2:12 Ratio)

 Ms. Jennifer Alejo

Three Year Olds (1:7 Ratio)

Ms. Mariana Raley

Ms. Sara Kinnison

Four Year Olds (2:14 Ratio)

Ms. Lynden Scott

Ms. Shelley Scott

Ms. Julie Wolsieffer


Ms. Jean Wahl

Assistant Director

Ms. Jill Moore


Ms. Christy Bunce