As an elder-led church, we have had the blessing of hearing all of our elders preach to us from the Word of God. Pastor Nathan Loudin especially has a legacy of faithfully teaching the Word expositionally, covering multiple books of the Bible, such as Romans, James, Revelation, Ezekiel, Hebrews, Ephesians, Ecclesiastes, and more. You can search an over 10-year period of sermons through the "Sermon" link under Resources.

For those in LifeGroups, please feel free to utilize the Sermon Study Questions on the website to go over Sunday's teachings in the context of your small group. These provide a great way to dive deeper into God's Holy Word through discussion with other believers.

Blogs are also regularly posted as an additional ministry from the church. Check them out!

Finally, if you are interested in upcoming events at Milwood Baptist Church, please click on the Calendar page and browse through to stay up-to-date.