“Who then is this that he commands even winds and water, and they obey him?”
Luke 8:25

Pop culture has commented on Jesus through everything from celebrity-worn “Jesus is my homeboy” T-shirts to the approximately 100 films which have been made about him including, "Jesus Christ Vampire Slayer".

Exactly who is Jesus? Even Jesus’ disciples wondered who he was. Why did they? What about you, how you would answer that question? Join us at Milwood Baptist during the month of November to further explore who Jesus really is.

Are you disappointed with the Jesus you’ve heard of? Disappointed with the Jesus of pop culture? Is there more for you to learn about who he really is?

Charles Sprugeon once said, “I have seen hundreds and thousands who have given their hearts to Jesus, but I never did see one who said he was disappointed with Him. I never met one who said Jesus Christ was less than He was declared to be.”

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