I was raised by Christian parents who were faithful in emphasizing love for God, his Word, and his Church. I heard the Gospel from an early age and believed that all people are sinners and that I was personally guilty of sin against God and was unable to save myself from the power and penalty of my sin.

I believed that it was necessary for me to trust Christ for my salvation because no other means of salvation was possible. I knew that if I died without having received Christ, I would be doomed to eternal separation from God in hell.

I spoke to my parents about this on several occasions, and they were cautious, wanting to be sure that I really understood and believed the Gospel, and was not being unduly swayed by emotion or the authority or example of others.

One Sunday as a 3rd grader, I was under deep conviction during the church service, and my dad was aware of it. During the invitation he asked me if I wanted to accept Christ, which I certainly did. He prayed with me and I went forward to offer my profession of faith in Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I was baptized soon thereafter, all praise and thanks be to God.

By the grace of God, there has never been a time when I have not been an active member of a Bible-believing church. May God continue to shower the riches of his mercy and grace upon me, though I am clearly undeserving of the least of his mercies.