Click here if you would like to give securely online. To maximize you gift, please choose ACH bank transfer as you giving method. Milwood Baptist Church pays a $0.25 fee for ACH bank transfers, and a 2.2% + $0.30 fee for credit/debit card transactions. Another option (free for you and the church) is to use your bank's online bill pay service (see below for our mailing address). 

At a Sunday Service

Drop a check in the offering basket at the back of the church on Sunday. Please make checks out to "Milwood Baptist Church." All checks without a memo will be added to the general fund.

Checks given for the benefit a specific person named on the memo line may not be accepted by the church.  If accepted, the a gift is not be tax deductible according to IRS guidelines. Checks may be given with "benevolence fund" on the memo line, which is a tax-deductible donation.

By Mail

If you’d like to give by mail, you can mail a check (or have one sent through your bank’s online bill pay) to:

Milwood Baptist Church
12217 Cassidy Drive
Austin TX 78727

Please make checks out to "Milwood Baptist Church."