God has been faithful and gracious in 2020. Recently our Elders sat down to write out 20 things we are thankful in 2020. I hope you will find the encoruagemnet to do the same! Take time to thank God for 2020! 

Psalm 73:25-26
25  Whom have I in heaven but you?
And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.
26  My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

John Hurley John_Hurley_Meagan_20191013_5628

  1. Thankful God has provided work/employment/income for John despite the flu event.
  2. Thankful Kim’s work has been blessed, successful, valued and rewarded by her employer.
  3. Thankful Kim’s brother Kevin has found employment.  This is huge.
  4. Thankful Ryan’s work has continued, after coming to the brink of shutdown.
  5. Thankful Meg & Annie’s respective work has continued and been blessed in many ways.
  6. Thankful the sale of Kim’s parent’s company was completed and paid off.
  7. Thankful for good general health in the family, no flu.
  8.  Thankful that in Ryan’s short but severe illness, prayers were answered in a number of unexpected ways.
  9. Thankful for the constant blessing of Nathan’s preaching at Milwood.
  10. Thankful for communication technology that allows virtual meetings with church family.
  11. Thankful for worship at home, with all the family singing.
  12. Thankful for the worship team at Milwood and the joy of this ministry.
  13. Thankful for seeing our children following the Lord day by day.
  14. Thankful to be part of the Elders ministry.  This is a huge blessing.
  15. Thankful for the Men’s Fight Night ministry, very helpful and encouraging.
  16. Thankful for the Ladies ministry: the tea in January and virtual gathering w/Laura Bowers.
  17. Thankful for the Ladies block on contentment, so helpful just before the flu epidemic.
  18. Thankful for Nathan Hurley’s attendance at Lexington Baptist in Corpus.
  19. Thankful for good reports from Ben’s teachers, and many, many answers to prayer on his behalf.
  20. Thankful for the blessing of recreational opportunities:, Hunting w/Ben, Port Aransas w/Kim, Cycling w/Nathan L. at Bastrop, John’s backpacking trip in October, Ben’s backpacking with Daniel H. & Chris B. 

It’s hard to limit it to just twenty things!  Thank the Lord for his abundant kindness!

Nathan Loudin

  1. Strength and comfort from the Lord when low in spirit. Nathan_Hurley_Meagan_20191013_5644
  2. The perseverance and spiritual growth of my wife. 
  3. Family devotion times (even though easily distracted and seemingly fruitless). 
  4. The opportunity to preach the word of God week after week.  
  5. The chance to see my brother in Colorado and explore the mountains with my boys.
  6. Playing golf with my dad through the summer. 
  7. Crisis which revealed weaknesses and sinfulness in me. 
  8. True friends. 
  9. Announcement that my brother and wife are expecting their first child (a girl!).
  10. The ways our church has persevered, continuing to serve through COVID challenges. 
  11. Hearing the church sing. Every voice counts! 
  12. Chance to camp in the fall and be outside with the family. 
  13. Watching my kids care for other people and their friends. 
  14. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 
  15. Thanksgiving turkey and dressing. 
  16. Seeing the unique personalities of my children come out. 
  17. Phone calls and texts from people checking in. 
  18. Church gathering to pray in-person/online. 
  19. Fellow pastors who meet regularly and offer an abundance of wisdom through their freinship. 
  20. Forgiveness from the Lord and others in his name.  


Steve SivellsSteve_Hurley_Meagan_20191013_5621

  1. My health and vitality that God has provided through this very challenging year.
  2. Unity in Christ that we have experienced at Milwood through the changes that we have had imposed upon us due to the virus.
  3. Opportunities for fellowship that were created to keep us connected and in fellowship with one another this year including the morning devotions and Fight Night.
  4. God's provision for Milwood throughout the years and especially this year.
  5. My wife's desire and commitment to serve her friend through her illness.
  6. My wife's joy in her new puppy.
  7. Endurance that God has provided to meet obligations at work while being restricted by social distancing in a hands on profession.
  8. My job in a year when so many have gone wanting for employment.
  9. Watching my children grow as parents.
  10. Seeing God work in and through my wife.
  11. Opportunities to quit not sharing the Gospel.
  12. Freedom to worship openly, freedom to speak out loud of my faith and my God.
  13. Time spent with my best friend, my wife.
  14. My growing connection with my brother.
  15. My to seldom quiet times when I am in touch with my Savior.
  16. Time spent enjoying God's creation.
  17. Conversations with family and friends that come at the most opportune times.
  18. Opportunities to delight in God's creation; and to know that the care He put into everything He created, He also put into me because He loves me.
  19. The perseverance of the old saints that I know and have known.
  20. The way my wife's eyes sparkle when I do something right!