While I was given the gift of being raised in a Christian family, I foolishly didn't trust in the Lord throughout my childhood. I continued in a life of sin that worsened in my middle school years, led me further away from God, and deep into depression and fear. For two years during my middle school years I carried such a heavy weight that I would cry myself to sleep almost every night, not wanting to live, not knowing what true Life was even about. When I was thirteen years old, the Almighty God opened my eyes at a youth meeting to the truth of His reality, the love Jesus had shown for me in His death for me on the cross to take away my sins, and that God had raised Him from the grave, eternally opening the way for me to walk in newness of life with Him! From that day I believed in Him, loved Jesus as my own Savior, and have been striving by the grace of the Spirit to follow Him ever since. God is good, and rich in mercy to all who call upon Him.

I'm grateful to have a job serving the church and especially in teaching the Bible to our children here at Milwood. I treasure the opportunity to lead children to trust in Jesus and not follow the lies of this world, like I did. Teaching them from Genesis to Revelation how God has revealed the way of redemption in Jesus is a great joy to me. "For no word from God will ever fail." Luke 1:37.