By God's grace, I was saved around the time I was 13 years old. Before this, I grew up in a nominally Catholic home. In God's providence, my cousin invited me to her Baptist Church and I started attending youth group (right around the time my sin was on full display in my rebellion towards my parents and God). The love of the people there drew me to want to learn more about this Jesus they were talking about. I believe it was at a youth retreat when I heard the gospel, understood it, and felt conviction of sin and my need for salvation for the first time. My life completely changed. My desire to know Jesus and serve Him saturated my life. But I struggled to grow in my faith and understand God's word. Around 16-years-old, an elder in the church gave me a book by R.C. Sproul called, "The Holiness of God." I consider this a significant change in my walk with Christ - it grew my awareness of my sin, my amazement at God's love and grace towards me shown in Christ, and my fervor for wanting to live a life that honors Him. It is a joy and privilege to serve in this role now as Children's Coordinator and be a faithful steward, by God's grace, of the children at Milwood.